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Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort Full Moon Resort has been hosting and catering wedding celebrations in the Catskill Mountains since Spring 2001. After many of those events, satisfied clients have published online blogs, photographs and videos of their event.

This page is dedicated to those online publications. Selections have been arranged by year and season. Please note that links will open in a new window tab.

Winter 2019 New York Times featured wedding

Winter 2017 Huffington Post article:
"12 Romantic Real Wedding Photos That Are So Full Of Love"

Autumn 2019 Hudson Valley Happenings article:
"Our Top Ten Hudson Valley Stay Places: Hotels"

Full Moon Resort Summer Sky From Drone Full Moon Resort Summer Sky From Drone

Wedding vows under wedding canopy

Lori & Gerard's Wedding - November 2019

Photo by Pure Platinium Party
View the wedding video by Pure Platinum Party

Laughing in the field of love

Megan & Tim's Wedding - September 2019

Read more about their wedding day
Photo by Amma Rhea Photo

Party near the Pavilion

Full Moon Summer Weddings
Watch Our Summer Weddings 2019 Compilation Video

Photo by Jeff Tisman

Sparkles in the evening next to the Pavilion

Zandy & Erik's Wedding - September 2019

Watch their wedding film on Vimeo
Photo by Magic Flute Photo and Video

Loving Couple standing on flat rock next to the Esopus Creek

Lisa & Josh's Wedding - August 2019

Watch their Wedding film on Vimeo
Video & Photo by Elmtree Weddings

Wedding couple dancing in Pavilion

Marcy & Christopher's Wedding - August 2019
A Graphic Designer's "Forest Glam" Wedding in the Catskills of New York

Photo by Wilde Scout Photography

View the entire article about the DIY wedding at Brides.com.
Also see the wedding video by Ritual Video on Vimeo

Walk under the trees

Marli & Zach's Wedding - July 2019

See more wedding images on Style Me Pretty
Photo by Emily Wren Photography

Walking hand in hand in the field of Love

Sabrina & Kevin's Wedding - June 2019
Watch their wedding film on Vimeo

Video by Magic Flute Photo and Video

Wedding Barn group portrait

Amelia & Dylan's Wedding - April 2019

See more wedding images from Jenn Morse Photography

Winter 2019
Wedding Table Layout Barn

Full Moon Winter Weddings
Watch Our Winter Weddings 2019 Compilation Video

Photo by Love Me Do Photography

Under the wedding Canopy

Mary & Noah's Wedding - February 2019

Photo by Les Loups

Read the NY Times article about their wedding here

Smiling Newlyweds

Amanda & Dave's Wedding - February 2019

See more wedding images by Natasha Shapiro

Autumn 2018
Smiling Newlyweds

Jacqueline & Nick's Wedding - November 2018

Image by Arius Photography

Wedding Dance

Rachel & Jason's Wedding - October 2018

See more wedding photos from Wild Scout Photo Company

Summer 2018
Esopus Creek bridal couple

Emily & Luke's Wedding - September 2018
A red-tailed hawk soared high overhead, as the gentle waters of the Esopus Creek spilled over moss-covered rocks in the distance. The mountains rose up all around.

Watch the wedding blog on YouTube by Digital Purpose Videography

Molly & Jack's Wedding - September 2018
"Their day was truly special, filled with love, laughter and tears ...it was an absolute joy to capture the love and laughter of your beautiful summer wedding..."

Read the complete wedding blog with images at Fabiana Skubic Photography

Wedding Dance

Marcy & Chris's Wedding - August 2018

See more wedding photos from Wild Scout Photo Company

Catskills Love and Flowers

Olga & Shawn's Wedding - August 2018
"We always enjoy shooting weddings on the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. Nature there is absolutely stunning and the air feels so clean compared to the city."

See the wedding images at L & L Style Photo

Wedding couple reflection in small pond

Kate & Dylan's Wedding - June 2018
"...such beautiful, photojournalistic wedding images..."

Images by Emma Cleary Photo and Video
Video highlight reel by Emma Cleary Photo and Video

Spring 2018
image from Vimeo wedding video Steph and Dan

Stephanie & Daniel's Wedding - June 2018

View the wedding video on Vimeo

Summer 2017
Embrace along the Esopus Creek in the Full Moon Woods

Amanda & Zack's Wedding - August 2017

View the wedding video by Belinda Video Productions on Vimeo

Catskills Love and Flowers

Vanessa & Jason's Wedding - August 2017

Watch the video by Magic Flute

Embrace under the Willow Tree near the Wedding Barn

Rania & Tausif's Wedding - August 2017
"They had a beautiful mild summer day for their wedding, and maxed out the venue with their friends and family for the entire weekend. We loved the energy of their wedding. Photographing and filming their day was so great! "
Images and text by Love Me Do Photography
Watch the video by Amanda Jaffe on Vimeo

Fun in the BigTop with pastries!

Heather & Jaclyn's Wedding - July 2017
"Two beautiful brides, Heather and Jaclyn, got married on a beautiful day in the Catskills at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. It was an amazing time!"
Images and text by Hudson River Photographer
Watch the video by Hudson River Photographer on Facebook

Spring 2017
Field walk looking up towards Panther Mountain

Karla & Brendan's Wedding - May 2017
"Full Moon was the perfect, all-inclusive, destination wedding resort; and Karla working with the amazing Gina Maloney, everything came together perfectly! Cheers to Karla & Brendan!"
View Images and Text by Vesic Photography

Meadow walk after crossing birch bridge

Kristen and Ray's Wedding - May 2017

View Images by Dawn Honsky Photography

Wedding couple walk along field fence, with mountain view

Tara and Jacob's Wedding - May 2017
"Whew, what a couple. Equal parts profound, spiritual, playful and kind. We'd known them for quite some time and are so lucky to call them our dear friends. Tara actually sang in our wedding and has the most exquisite Appalachian-woman voice. Like her voice, their love is infectious, unique and inspiring. They'd been together for 10 years (Facebook let them know last month) when they got married and you can sense the foundation they've forged over many cities, states and lives together. They are truly a couple we admire!"
Image by Kindred Photography

Embrace, the rustic Esopus Creek

Monica and Jonathan's Wedding - April 2017
"Traditionally, the groom enters the wedding atop an elephant, called at Baraat. In lieu of an elephant, though, Jonathan proceeded in a VW, equipped with paper-mache ears, eyes and trunk! Even though there weren't many leaves on the trees up in the mountains, their day was filled with color and liveliness."
View Images by Love Me Do Photography

Winter 2017
Along the rustic Esopus Creek

Kate & Aaron's Wedding - March 2017
... joyful, soulful, and love-filled wedding..."
Explore Images by Nicole DeTone Photography

Winter Wedding couple

Rebecca & Dave's Wedding - February 2017
"..Winter wedding weekend...the weather was perfect (and relatively warm!) but there was still enough snow to make it just magical! All in all, it was a perfect day, for a super sweet couple."
View Images by Jessica Gravelin

Loving gaze by the rustic Esopus Creek

Sam and Matt's Wedding - January 2017
"After the vows were exchanged, the first kiss passionately planted, and drinks were downed to warm the chilly guests, Sam and Matt and all of their VIP danced the night away inside the cozy barn, which absolutely glowed with their joy and gratitude."
View Images by CLH Images Photography

Summer 2016
Kiss amongst the wildflowers

Nicky & Mark's Wedding - September 2016
"When we went to scout out possible photo locations at Full Moon Resort we fell madly in love. It was a relaxed and scenic drive into the Catskill Mountains and completely worth the journey. We are talking fields of wildflowers, woods, and boulder filled stream that runs along the property, the wood barn reception space, numerous cabin-like & historic home accommodations, the list goes on and could not be any more beautiful." "
Images and text by The Ramsdens

Along the rustic Esopus Creek

Lauren & Jeremy's Wedding - September 2016
"This wedding day gave me all the feels and reminded me of why I LOOOOVE my job! ...a weekend away in the woods at one of the most picturesque Catskills wedding venues! Lauren and her besties bought flowers from the market and made all of the arrangements themselves!"
Explore images and text by Cassi Claire


April & Michael's Wedding - August 2016

Watch the video by Proline Productions on You Tube

Couple on a rock in the Esopus Creek

Katherine & Alexander's Wedding - August 2016
"We love working at the Full Moon resort! It's such a great unique venue with so many places around the property that are perfect for photos. Not to mention Katherine's dad brought the coolest car to "walk" her down the aisle. Everything about their wedding day was straight out of a bridal magazine. The tent at the Full Moon resort is always decorated with beautiful lanterns which were complimented with the different styles of flower vases. We are loving that flower trend this year! My favorite part of the night took place on the dance floor. Everyone had a blast and there was even a break dancing competition!"
View images by Rob Spring Photography
View the featured "favorite real wedding" at Red Oak Weddings

Wedding couple embrace along the meadow fence

Lindsay & Joel's Wedding - June 2016
"This one had all the correct ingredients - Amazing people, amazing location in the mountains, a relaxed timeline, and an absurdly fun reception."
View Images by Dennis Pike Photography

Spring 2016
Wedding couple ositting on steops at Moonlight Lodge

Katie & Greg's Wedding - May 2016

Photography by Jacob Arthur Studio

Wedding couple out for a walk holding hands

Gabriella & Josh's Wedding - May 2016
"The Full Moon Resort was the site of a remarkable Monday Wedding. Aperture Photography was so happy to capture all the wonderful moments. Besides the normal family formal I shot in a photojournalistic style. People came from as far as Peru and Washington State. After a week of rain the skies cleared and the sun danced off the new grass. It was a perfect day and I have never seen the beautiful Full Moon Resort look better."
View images by Aperature Photography

Wedding couple along Esopus Creek

Janine & Christian's Wedding - April 2016
" This weekend was an absolute DREAM! Not only did I get to witness a beautiful marriage between two friends but I also got to document all the beautiful moments as they unfolded. Christian and Janine's Full Moon Resort Wedding was one for the books! This place is GORGEOUS!"
View the complete presentation by Laura Lee Photography

Wedding couple in front of fountain and tent

Brandi & Dan's Wedding - March 2016
"I love the mossy, wooded portraits from this day!! Everything was very lovely and a pleasure to capture!"
View images by Keira Lemonis Photography

Autumn 2015
Wedding couple embrace

Danielle & Matt's Wedding - November 2015

Images by Rob Spring Photography

Wedding couple embrace

Melissa & Damien's Wedding - November 2015

View the slideshow presentation by Arius Photography

Newly married couple portrait

Asya & Robert's Wedding - October 2015

View slideshow presentation by Arius Photography

Newly married couple portrait

Viki & Emily's Wedding - October 2015

See images by Sage Photography on Facebook

Summer 2015
Kissing couple amongst wildflowers frolic

Alia & Jake's Wedding - September 2015

View the image presentation by Tim Ryan Smith Photography

Wedding couple embrace

Katie & Patrick's Wedding - September 2015

View slideshow presentation by Arius Photography

Wedding couple And group with colorful hot air balloon on Full Moon resort field

Kathy & Ralph's Wedding - August 2015
Check out the hot air balloon!
View images by Solas Wedding & Portrait Photography

Wedding couple kiss on lawn

Ashley & Mi's Wedding - August 2015
"This summer, I traveled to the Catskills for the wedding weekend of Ashley & Mi. The two of them worked so hard to DIY their way to a perfect, heartfelt and joyful weekend filled with an amazing amount of personal details. The Full Moon resort was the perfect spot to bring together friends & family from all over to celebrate and enjoy all of the fun activities planned by Ashley & Mi. There was a campfire singalong, marshmallow roasting, and an outdoor yoga class led by one of Ashley's bridesmaids. I felt a little like I was at summer camp instead of working!"
View images by Jennifer White Photography

Catskill wedding couple

Adrian & Ben's Wedding - August 2015
"Adrian and Ben chose to get married in a beautiful area of the Catskill Mountains at a wonderful wedding venue. We can't praise enough the goodness of the Full Moon Resort. The installations are amazing, with guest houses and beautiful barns and the landscape is just gorgeous, with charming creeks and open green fields."
View images from the wedding by L+L Style Photo

Wedding couple kissing in the woods

Lacy & Alex's Wedding - August 2015

Image by Oresti + Alex Media

Wedding couple camping under the starry night

Gwen & Ryan's Wedding - July 2015
"This wedding at Full Moon Resort was just one of those days that gives me such a sweet reminder at how lucky I am to do what I do. This intimate outdoor wedding was the perfect way to spend a Saturday, and if you ever want to know how to party, grab some musicians and let 'em loose in the woods."
View presentation by Dave Shay Photos

Wedding couple kissing under a Willow tree

Renee & Ben's Wedding - July 2015
"A fantastic wedding I had a blast photographing! A wedding that made me want to get married all over again because I just fell in love with the venue and wanted to do it there....Everything about this wedding was so beautiful and just oh so pretty and special!"
View the official wedding video by Secret Fire Media
Enjoy photographs and a video by Maria Silva Photography

Wedding couple holding hands in field

Stephanie & Peter's Wedding - July 2015

View images by Jean Kallina Photography

Wedding couple in summer meadow

Jessica & Evan's Wedding - July 2015
"Jessica and Evan had a spectacular wedding... We spent the entire weekend with them starting with a welcome dinner and bonfire Friday night with story telling ... The amount of love between the couple and their families filled the weekend."
Watch the video on Love Story TV
Or view the images & video by Love Me Do Photography

Spring 2015
Wedding couple near Esopus Creek

Barbara & Gerard's Wedding - June 2015
"Barbara and Gerard's Wedding in the Catskills at Full Moon Resort was a blast. Full Moon is one of my favorite places to shoot. An amazing place for a wedding, it's in the heart of the beautiful Catskills and there's no cell service so guests like the ability to disconnect and be completely present....."
Read the article about the wedding by Keith Ferris Photography

Wedding couple kissing under Big Top Tent, photo by Lauren Lancaster for the New York Times

Jeniffer & Brian's Wedding - June 2015
"...On the wedding day, the couple stood in the sun-dappled section of a wooded grove before a clear stream.... Later, on the dance floor, the newlyweds stood facing each other shyly. Bird song emanated from the trees...."
Read the entire article in the Fashion section of the New York Times

Wedding couple sparklers!

Allie & Scott's Wedding - June 2015

Watch the wedding video on Vimeo

Wedding couple cuddling in the Valley View Lodge lobby

Dana & Justin Wedding - May 2015
"I had an EPIC time sharing the day (and night) with Dana, Justin and their amazing crew. As I remember, almost everything you can think of that could happen, did. We had sun, got rained on,....., many drinks, lots of dancing, crowd surfing, tears, laughs, broken things, guitars, singers, fireworks, and lots of love! I was treated like family, and that means the world to me. Dana & Justin, you are amazing people! Cheers to the incredible memories you allowed me to capture!"
View images by Adrienne Longo Photography

Wedding couple kissing in field

Kayla & Tom's Wedding - May 2015

Watch a video by Kevin Spelman on Vimeo

Wedding couple portrait -smiles all around!

Susannah & Paul's Wedding - May 2015
"...favorite photos from a beautiful wedding in the Catskills."
View images by YMVisuals on Facebook

Autumn 2014
Dramatic wedding kiss under the Halloween moon

Kelly & Cory's Wedding - November 2014
"The late Fall of November is a beautiful time to have a wedding, especially with a bride and groom who love each other as deeply as Kelly & Cory does. From cobwebs, corpse brides and a groom decked out as Jack Skellington, this fun loving bride and groom had a spooky but definitely amazing Halloween themed wedding at Full Moon Resort, nestled high in the Catskills in Big Indian, New York. "
View photos by Secret Fire Media Photography

Wedding Barn loft wedding kiss

Marilet & Carl's Wedding - November 2014
"The bride and groom braved the chill air ... luckily the resort has some great indoor locations and various outbuildings for photography, including a rustic barn that hosted the cocktail hour....."
View photos by Catherine Leonard Photography

Wedding couple autumn trees background

Shannon & Danny's Wedding - November 2014
"Shannon and Danny got married on a beautiful day of Fall... All the area is amazing and even more in this time of the year when the foliage turns the trees into breathtaking oranges and reds. The decor was beautifully designed matching these tones...."
View photos by Style Photo

Autumn Wedding kissing on Panther Mountain Bridge

Gail & Matt's Wedding - October 2014

View full presentation by Max Flatow Photography

Autumn Wedding kissing in the meadow

Jacki & Lennard's Wedding - October 2014

View slideshow and photography by Joseph Roxas

Autumn Wedding kissing near Spruce Barn Pond

Colleen & Marko's Wedding - October 2014
"Colleen and Marko not only threw an amazing wedding but they put together a 3 day getaway for their friends and family... of after parties, brunches, and BBQs to celebrate the joining of their families....their love for each other shined right through every last detail."
View full presentation by JR Photography
Or see more on BorrowedandBlue.com

Autumn Wedding coulple with mountain backdrop Portrait of couple in Espopus Creek in Autumn

Christine & Robert's Wedding - October 2014
"Despite all the months and years of planning that often go into weddings, some manage to look totally effortless, as if 200 people just showed up to a field and had a dance party. Completely unpretentious, unfussy, and a total blast. And, Christine and Robert's nuptials are the perfect example..."

"The grounds were carpeted in fallen leaves, the crisp cool autumn air chilling your lungs with each inhale, the colored mountains surrounding us as if right out of a Bob Ross dream."
View images by Phil Chester Photography
Or watch the interview on Refinery29.com

Wedding couple holding hands

Liz & Michael Wedding - October 2014

View the video by Arius Photography on Vimeo.com

Autumn Wedding walk towards duck pond with evergreen tree

Charlotte & Stephen's Wedding - October 2014

View the slideshow by Alicia King Photography on Facebook

Wedding couple being married under canopy

Malaina & Brian Wedding - October 2014
"What can I say?! This wedding was a stunner! Malaina & Brian clearly have great taste as everything looked awesome! The floral centerpieces, complete with feathers, the little, golden animals that accompanied the seating cards, Malaina's floral head piece... everything came together perfectly for this Autumn wedding!"
View images by Keira Lemonis Photography

Summer 2014
Wedding couple kissing under umbrellain the rain

Erin & Kevin's Wedding - September 2014
"What do you do when your wedding day, a day that you have been planning months, suddenly calls for rain? You make the best of it and that's exactly what Erin and Kevin did!... They held their wedding reception at the lovely Full Moon Resort in the Hudson Valley. For their portraits, the newlyweds came prepared with a pair of Hunter wellies and borrowed a clear umbrella. I have to say that the rain adds a bit of a romance and playfulness to their images that I truly love so much. Inside the tented reception space, it was beautifully decorated with warm fall hues, sunflowers in the centerpieces and of course, lots of love.... even though it rained throughout the entire day, it was completely beautiful! "
View the presentation by Brklyn View Photography

Late summer Valley View Lodge with Reception Tent in background

Amanda & Marc's Wedding - September 2014
"Amanda and Marc had such a fun wedding at Full Moon and it is just beginning to be fall, so she got to use fall colors. There is nothing prettier than a fall wedding."
Jean Kallina Photography

Kissing in the field beneath the mountain September wedding ceremony set next to the creek

Sarah & Jeff's Wedding - September 2014
"We love shooting weddings at Full Moon Resort. Even though it's the same venue each time, the couples are all so different that each wedding ends up feeling fresh and new. Sarah + Jeff's was no different. They had a wonderful mix of Jewish and Indian traditions weaved throughout the day. Bright colors, lots of laughter, fantastic friends and family and a laid back attitude that was right up our alley. Watching Sarah's face light up when she saw Jeff for the First Look is something that every Groom should be so lucky to see. We are so glad that they honored us with photographing their wedding. Best of luck in all you do lovebirds!"
View the presentation by Arius Photography

September wedding couple with deer Hindu-Jewish wedding couple with sparklers

Nirmala & Ian's Wedding - September 2014
"Nirmala and Ian's (wedding) was an undiluted celebration of love in its very purest form."
View the complete multi-cultural presentation at Smashing the Glass

"... picturesque venue for this Hindu-Jewish fusion wedding in New York!"
See the complete gallery by Petronella Photography

Or view the wedding video from Mae B. Films

couples kissing above the Esopus Creek

Zarah & Matt's Wedding - August 2014
"A romantic upstate wedding in the Catskills. A beautiful barn wedding full of laughter and joy... sometimes it's just wonderful to leave the concrete behind and head upstate into the woods..."
View the presentation by Jacob Arthur Studio

August  wedding -Esopus Creek

Meghann & Matt's Wedding - August 2014

View the presentation by Dustin Cantrell Photography

August wedding- couple walking along stone wall path

Julie & Greg's Wedding - August 2014
By Aisle Walk Photography

August wedding- couple kissing under canopy of flowers

Peggy & Edmund's Wedding - August 2014

View the presentation by Aisle Walk Photography

Wedding couple portrait near the creek

Karen & Cory's Wedding - July 2014
"Karen and Cory were married in a little field under the shade of the trees in a very beautiful ceremony. The music of the Beatles played on guitar and mandolin filled the air as everyone waited for her to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony we had some time for pictures and then we headed in to the beautiful tent on the grounds for the reception. It was such a great wedding and I'm so happy for Karen and Cory. "
View the presentation by Small Moments Studio

August wedding- couple walking along field path

Heather & Tony's Wedding - July 2014

By Aisle Walk Photography>

Autumn Wedding couple portrait in Upper Esopus Creek adjacent to Full Moon Resort property

Joanna & Issac's Wedding - July 2014
"Joanna and Isaac's...wedding was a perfect wedding day in the Catskills... I could tell by everyone's energy that it was going to be an amazing day. The threat of rain prevented them from having the ceremony in the lower grove but what they may have missed in terms of scenery they more than made up for with their heartfelt vows. The reception was a great dance party with the John Bates Band rocking the party late into the night... "
View the presentation by Keith Ferris Photography

Couples loving embrace in the meadow

Lauren & John's Wedding - June 2014

View the presentation by Aisle Walk Photography

Spring 2014
Loving embrace at the Duck Pond in the Spring

Kathryn & David's Wedding - June 2014

Jean Kallina Photography

Spring wedding with nightime bigtop tent in the Catskills Spring wedding with Valley View Lodge at Full Moon Resort

Emily & Ryan's Wedding - May 2014
" I was so happy when Emily and Ryan hired me to photograph their wedding at Full Moon Resort. I had such a great time meeting with them and their families during our initial consultation and we were both totally on the same page in terms of absolutely loving the aesthetic of Full Moon Resort. What made it somewhat different for me was that my own wedding was going to be held at Full Moon Resort the week before! Full Moon Resort is a beautiful wedding venue tucked in the Catskill Mountains. The natural beauty there is breathtaking. I really love the early spring as well because it's getting warm and everything is beginning to bloom and come back to life after the coldness of winter. It's really quite beautiful! Emily and Ryan are such an awesome couple as well. It's so apparent that they have such a strong network of family and friends and it was great to witness and be a part of."
View the presentation at Peter Demuth Photography

Couple embrace at duck pond in early spring with Eagle Mountain in the background

Eden & Nicholas's Wedding - May 2014
"The epitome of spring in every way, Eden & Nicholas's May wedding incorporates peach hues, wildflowers, floral crowns, and two sweet pups to sweeten the deal. These two incorporated close friends to officiate their wedding, as well play guitar during the ceremony, and those personal touches shine through in every single image of the day."
Photography by Levi Stolove

Glimpses of beauty in the early spring in the meadow

Diana & Ed's Wedding - April 2014

View photography by Andres Valenzuela Photography

Winter 2014
New Years Eve Wedding Bride & Groom in front of Moonight Lodge

Alex & Rich's Wedding - December 2013
"It was a snowy New Year's Eve in the Catskills, and Alex & Rich were excited to be exchanging vows with so many friends and family surrounding them. There were so many special moments. Friends and family shared their talents of music, dance, and storytelling. Surprises were in store for them as well. Alex wrote a song for Rich, and performed it for him at the reception. At the stroke of midnight, there was a fantastic salsa band that no one knew about but the bride and groom... "
Image by Leyla Cadabal Photography

Autumn 2013
Winter wedding snow storm

Mary & Bill's Wedding - December 2013
" A winter wedding can be so spectacular. Mary and Bill joked about the possibility of a snowstorm on their wedding day in the Catskill Mountains of New York... And it snowed. Hard. Began early in the day and continued through the night... The staff made sure everyone was able to get around the grounds. There was plenty of warmth from friends and family. The warm spaces around the inn and for the barn wedding reception enveloped everyone. Mary and Bill had the perfect world created for just them and their assembled guests, thanks to The Full Moon Resort"
View the presentation by Mitch Wojnarowicz Wedding Photojournalist

Winter wedding couple

Emily & Jamie's Wedding - December 2013
"What do you get when you mix snow, mountains, a pair of love birds and a big Irish family... one AWESOME wedding."
View the presentation by Krista Grace Photography
Images also at Lemonade and Lens Online Magazine
View the wonderful video at YouTube.com

October Wedding- same sex wedding couple

Susan & Jana's Wedding - October 2013
"Susan and Jana married in style on a brisk autumn day at the beautiful Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY, nestled in the Catskills. It was a fabulous way to spend my last wedding of the season. I hope you enjoy their sneak peek!"
View images by Hudson River Photography
Also view their wedding video on YouTube

 autumn wedding couple on a handmade birch bridge

Tonya & Steve's Wedding - October 2013
"Tonya and Steve are two of the sweetest people we have met in a long time. They are totally perfect for each other and it shows in every moment that they are near one another. They decided to have an early Fall wedding at one of our favorite places... The property has several houses and cabins, a few barns, a river that spins its way through the big fields, many fountains and plenty of ways to make your wedding different from the next. Tonya's Dad and Steve built a beautiful arbor for them to get married under. It was made from gorgeous timbers and was such a beautiful, thoughtful touch. We loved being a part of their amazing day..."
View presentation by Arius Photography

Wedding dance on lawn near trees-

Katie & Luke's Wedding - October 2013
"The most picturesque fall day in the Catskills... it really couldn't have been more perfect... A weekend affair of food, family, friends all there together to celebrate Luke and Kate... I was thrilled to the core when I was asked to photograph this wedding at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian New York. The drive was amazing- winding through the mountains and the country, passing through Woodstock. The trip itself was an experience and it set my mood for the day. Laid back, full of love and simply gorgeous would pretty much sum it up!"
View the complete presentation at A. Hedges Photography

September Wedding- portrait in the meadow with Eagle Mountain view and autumn trees

Erin & Craig's Wedding - September 2013
"Are you ready for a beautiful barn, gorgeous golden leaves & an adorable couple? I know it sounds almost too perfect to be true, but Erin & Craig's wedding had all of this. And more!"
View the complete presentation at George Street Photography

September Wedding- gay wedding couple

Alex & Jimmy's Wedding - September 2013
"... beautiful, Autumn wedding at the rustic Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Mountains. The day was perfect, from the warm weather to the vibrant fall colors dotting the many breathtaking views. Jimmy & Alex are an adorable couple that celebrated their marriage surrounded by loving friends & family ... who also happened to be enthusiastic party goers! There was steady dancing throughout the dinner portion of the reception and the fun continued late in to the evening at a rustic, lodge after party."
View the complete presentation at Keira Lemonis Photography

Summer 2013
Wedding couple walking arm-in-arm near the stone wall by the apple orchard

Lacy & David's Wedding - September 2013

View image presentation by Nathan Ramirez Photography

Wedding couple kiss

Melissa & Spencer Wedding - September 2013

Image by Bradford Martens Photography

September Wedding- hug on the lawn

Fran & Steve's Wedding - September 2013
"Sometimes it just takes thoughtful people from Brooklyn to really see how awesome a Hudson Valley space can be. And with Full Moon Resort, there's such an expanse of awesome to see! That's why Fran and Steve decided to show it off to their guests by scheduling their wedding events all over the grounds. "
View presentation by Hilary Harvey Photography
Or view the images on Facebook

September Wedding- by the duck pond

Erin & Kieran's Wedding - September 2013
"Erin and Kieran ... chose to have their wedding in the Hudson Valley which is a wonderful testament to what an amazing place the Hudson Valley is to have a wedding. They chose Full Moon Resort as their venue, which was the perfect choice for them, as it allowed them an entire weekend of festivities, and an after party which Rocked! This fun-loving couple are hikers and mountain climbers..."
Jean Kallina Photography

August Wedding- wedding couple

Meggie & Frank's Wedding - August 2013
"on a warm summer morning i drove up to big indian new york to spend the day with meggie and frank. you can tell right from the start meggie and frank are just the most warm hearted people you'll meet. i immediately felt so comfortable and welcomed by them and their families."
Images by Lynn Resnick Photography

Full Moon Wedding video clip-

Heather & Tim's Wedding - August 2013

Watch the video by Matt Weaver on Vimeo.com

 Full Moon Wedding- sitting amongst the rocks in the Esopus Creek

Sara & Leo's Wedding - August 2013
"Sara and Leo wanted a wedding that was distinctly separate from the urban jungle where they live (ie Brooklyn). The Full Moon Resort in the Catskills was the perfect spot for a nature inspired wedding full of spiritual and personal touches."
View complete presentation by Sara Sutton Photography Exposure

 Full Moon Wedding- love amongst the meadow flowers

Renee & Andrew's Wedding - August 2013

View complete presentation by Love Me Do Photography

 Catskills Wedding- kiss in the trees

Maureen and Ken's Wedding - August 2013
"They've known each other since they were kids... It was a sweet, chic wedding at the Full Moon Resort."
Kimberly Coccagnia Photography

Walking thru the field to the  Wedding-

Sienna and Steven's Wedding - August 2013
"Congratulation to Sienna and Steven on their epic Catskills wedding at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York."
View complete presentation by Tanveer Badal Weddings

Early Summer Wedding- Standing in the creek by the woods

Sierra and Zack's Wedding - July 2013
"The Full Moon Resort in the Catskills of New York is touted as a "world of its own." With the serene trickling of the Esopus Creek and the tall trees enveloping the grounds, it created that picturesque, otherworldly escape Sierra and Zack dreamed of for their wedding day..."
View presentation by Trendy Bride
Also see some images at Turnquist Photography

Summer Wedding- Love in the Field

Catie and Scott's Wedding - July 2013
" Scott and Catie have quite a story. They married in NY, but traveled from their home in Vietnam to be here. Both teachers, they met in Guatemala and worked together for a year. Scott went to Colombia next, and Catie followed the next year. They were engaged in Colombia a week before they left for Vietnam, which has been their home since 2011. Friends gathered from around the globe to celebrate their wedding day!"
View presentation by Tersa Horgan Exposure Photography

Spring 2013
Spring Wedding- Grooms clothing

Ashley & Jose's Wedding - June 2013
"It was a beautiful secluded woodsy wedding at Full Moon Resort in the Catskills of NY. Here is a peek at their wedding day."

Spring Wedding- Full Moon resort

Lluvia and Jesse's Wedding - May 2013
"Another great day at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. The Weather held out and cast a beautiful light on a great looking couple. There was fun for all. Great Music, Great Place, Great People."
View complete presentation by Aperature Photography

Early Spring Wedding- Walking towards the woods

Colleen & Zachery's Wedding - May 2013
"Colleen and Zachary were married ... at the wonderful Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. Even though it was slightly chilly we were all thrilled to have the ceremony beside the creek of a small field on the property. We did have some snow flurries come through which made for some really fun photos!"
View complete presentation by Jean Kallina Photography

Early Spring Wedding - Ceremony by the Creek

Christina & Matt's Wedding - May 2013
"It was our third time being at this beautiful venue and it never fails to disappoint.... We had a great time taking photos of Christina and Matt on this beautiful day. We enjoying seeing the two of them laugh together as we walked around the site. The reception was a great party with lots of dancing by all of their family and friends. And the night ended with a sparkler send off and after party!"
View the blog presentation at by Love-Me-Do Photography

Early Spring Wedding at Full Moon Resort- Kiss in the Wedding Barn

Jill & Joe's Wedding - April 2013
"Even though Jill was born and raised in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge in the houuuse!), she embraced a rustic vision for her day. Joe and Jill met on OkCupid and were together for two years before they got engaged last May. Although, if you spend any time with them at all, you'd think they've been together for 10 years! They have such a natural connection, and several times throughout the day I caught them sneaking prolonged glances with each other. Made me smile every single time! :)"
View the blog presentation by Cassi Claire Photography
Also view a presentation on StyleMePretty.com

Early Spring Wedding at Full Moon Resort- Kissing by the pond

Mary & Michael's Wedding - April 2013
"This past saturday in the Catskills was pure whimsy. It was a hearty, earthy, gracious, grateful, and deeply meaningful day. Belly laughs, wild flowers, vintage chic, twinkling lights, and a five piece band all blended together to create an overwhelming sense of home for the guests. It's what the couple wanted. Exactly what they wanted. Because it's who they are and the wedding reflected it."
View complete presentation by Jordan Quinn Photography


Early Spring- Dinner in the Wedding Barn

Irit & Brendan's Wedding - March 2013
"Irit and Brendan wanted something different for their wedding. They live on manhattan so they wanted their wedding weekend to be a get-away for them and all their guests. And man what a weekend it was! It was great food and party for three days straight and I really felt like a part of the family after spending this amazing time with them. What a loving group!"
by Jenny Hammar Photography

Winter 2013
Winter Wedding at Full Moon Resort- Video snip by the Pond

Tracy & Mike's Wedding - March 2013
"It was a total honor to be included in Tracy & Mike's beautiful Winter Wedding at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. Everything about the day was beautiful and magical. There was even a light snow the entire time, as per Tracy's wish! "
Video presentation by Samantha June on Vimeo.com

Winter Wedding at Full Moon Resort- Kiss in front of the barn

Lauren & Phil's Wedding - January 2013
"From the Bride. We wanted to get married somewhere in "upstate" New York as this is where our relationship began. Seeing as Phil's family and friends were from Ohio, mine from Pennsylvania, and our current location across the country in Oregon, we figured this was as good a place as any. My aunt found Full Moon Resort, and we fell in love with it."

Review on Style Me Pretty online magazine!

Autumn 2012
Late Fall Wedding at Full Moon Resort-outdoor walk

Christine & Robert's Wedding - November 2012
"When Christine and Bobby tied knot in Big Indian, New York, it was not an elaborate affair but the setting was so perfect that their wedding was absolutely fabulous."

View complete presentation by Andres Valenzuela Photographer

Late Fall Wedding at Full Moon Resort- standing on a handhewn bridge

Kelly & Ben's Wedding - November 2012
"When Kelly and Ben told me they wanted to have an outdoor ceremony on a brisk November day, I was skeptical. It was impossible not to feel the warmth that day, watching these two people with so much love and support."
View complete presentation by Ashley Clayton Photographer

Catskill Barn Wedding at Full Moon Resort- walk in the woods

Nicole & Mark's Wedding - November 2012
"Nicole and Mark, had a magical wedding at Full Moon Resort this past weekend. (I overuse that phrase ‘Magical” when referring to Full Moon, but it just is)."
View complete presentation by Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Beautiful glance and smiles

Luz & Raphael's Wedding - October 2012

View photos on Facebook by Daviel Taveras Photography

Wedding at Full Moon Resort- embracing nature

Steph & Ben's Wedding - October 2012
"Our ceremony was an integration of different spiritual traditions & elements that resonate with us. Our officiant & sacred fire keeper, both Mohawk elders, drew from the Mohawk tradition that is native to the very land upon which the ceremony took place. This tradition is deeply connected with nature, the elements, the directions, & the ancestors. We also welcomed the participation of an indigenous Peruvian friend, a sound healer, and a Native American song carrier."
Read Steph's own words on the ceremony
View slideshow by It's Beautiful Here Photography

Barn Wedding Dance at Full Moon Resort

Katie & Eric's Wedding - September 2012
"Everything about Katie and Eric’s day was so perfectly them, from all of the intricate, hand made decorations to the acoustic metal band that serenaded them during the reception. I’ve never seen a couple more effortlessly at ease on their wedding day than these two. We didn’t want the evening to end!"
View complete presentation by Mark Mirocha Photography

Catskill Wedding Video at Full Moon Resort Fall wedding- laughter and frolicking in the woods

Kristina & Dennis's Wedding - September 2012
"Full of love, color, and eclectic handmade details, this upstate New York wedding is absolute perfection. Kristina and Dennis knew that they wanted a fun, laid back wedding, and the lovely Full Moon Resort was the perfect home-away-from-home for them and their guests."
Watch the complete video by Tree of Life on Vimeo.com

View the images on TheEveryLastDetail.com

Catskill Wedding Image at Full Moon Resort- Frolicing in the Woods Catskill Wedding Image at Full Moon Resort- Rocking in the Full Moon Roadhouse

Dayna & Aaron's Wedding - September 2012
"..On the recommendation of one of my bridesmaids, we looked at some pictures online of the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY and within two days, had put down money to secure a date with them. The Full Moon was the only venue we went to see and it turned out to be the perfect one for us. On the drive home from touring the venue, we picked our theme - Lichtenstein/'50s Romance Comic Books with a polka dots and stripes color palatte.."
View presentation by Casey Fatchett Photography

And... watch the bride sing her heart out at Full Moon Roadhouse after her wedding!

summer 2012
Catskills Wedding - along the Esopus creeek

Anastasia & Ben's Wedding - September 2012
"A perfect September day for a Catskill Mountain Wedding. Such an enjoyable couple and family to spend the day with!"
View presentation by Aisle Walk Photo on Facebook

Portrait of the couple on the lawn Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- dancing on the lawn

Mari & Karen's Wedding - August 2012
"Mari and Karen's wedding was one of the best we've ever been to! . but we might be biased because we also had the honor of being guests. :) Mari and Karen are two of our closest friends so we were thrilled to photograph their special day... Family and friends came together to create the most touching, creative and unique wedding ceremony and celebration. There were so many personal touches and thoughtful gestures... It was a fun-packed day - we bought our photo booth along, they had a instructor lead the square dancing and because most guest stayed overnight in cabins, we ended the wedding around the campfire and playing pool in one of the barns. We love these two! "
View the presentation by Clean Plate Pictures

Also at  Wedding Chicks
or watch the video on Vimeo by Crown Street Productions

Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- dancing on the lawn

Jeanette & Graham's Wedding - August 2012
" I first met Jeanette and Graham last year...for an engagement session complete with NYC skyline and a spin on an old fashioned Carousel. Although their mountain wedding at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills had a completely different look, the love that these two had for each other was the same if not stronger then it was a year ago. What a fun couple to work with! Like most of the weddings I photograph, their friends and families came from all over the country and beyond to be a part of this wedding. "
View the presentation by Ryan Trupp Photography

 Gathering at Full Moon Resort-

Connie & Jeff's Wedding - July 2012

View online presentation by Aperature Photography

Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- fireworks over tent

Courtney & Colin's Wedding - July 2012
"When two artists call you to photograph their wedding, you know it’s going to be good! Especially when one of them is a fiber artist and will make by hand various elements of the wedding decor: the curtain tiebacks, the pillows. And when the other is a rocking dancer! And especially when the both of them are the nicest people ever, completely in love and surrounded by some of the happiest and loveliest friends and family. Such a great day!"
View online presentation by Hillary Harvey Photography

video snip of Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Anita & Jason's Wedding - June 2012

Or view images on OurLaborofLove.com

Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- kissing under the trees

Angela & Steve's Wedding - June 2012

View the presentation at
====>  Sophie Mathewson Photography


Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- couples near the stream

Kristin & Grady's Wedding - May 2012

View photos by Three Photographers

Full Moon Resort- wedding couple standing holding hands

Britt & Tim's Wedding - May 2012
A truly inspirational wedding in the Catskill Mountains of NY!
View photos on Facebook

Interior of the big top bfr wedding- at Full Moon Resort

Jordan & Jordan's Wedding - May 2012
"It is an honor when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph them, especially something as momentous and once in a lifetime as their wedding... I was really honored when [Jordan] asked me to capture her day...... Lady and Mr. J were married at a beautiful resort in upstate New York, Full Moon Resort. Rolling hills, a rocky stream and lots of trees. We had a really great time working together."
View photos by Sophia Negron Photography

Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- sitting by the Esopus Creek

Spring Wedding - May 2012
"I am so excited to share the photographs from my weekend in New York photographing a very sweet loving wedding ceremony! The whole weekend went by so fast, but so wonderful... It is a beautiful nature resort set along the Esopus Creek in the Catskill Mountains. It is such a remote peaceful getaway... I could have just hung out by the creek and skipped rocks for hours."
View full complete presentation by Tracy Routh Photography

Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort- barn wedding!

Kim & Chris's Wedding - April 2012

View photos by Jennifer May Weddings

Catskills Barn Wedding at Full Moon Resort- kissing at barn

Caitlin & Ken's Wedding - April 2012

pumpkins & kiss in front of barn- Full Moon resort

Adi & Saar's Wedding - November 2011
"Adi and Saar were married at the Full Moon Resort, in Oliveria, NY, on a day in late November. I love the look of a forest when the leaves are off the trees, and so did this couple. They wanted lots of outside portraits, and braved the chill to get them."
Read more and see photos by Jennifer May Photography

Catskill Mountain Autumn Wedding

Noemie & John's Wedding - October 2011

View images on Facebook by Theuer Photography

Couples foreheads kiss

Danielle & Dan's Wedding - October 2011

View photos by Jennifer May Photography

Entrance to Full Moon resort

Carrie & John's Wedding - October 2011
"The weekend kicked off with a BBQ in the most beautiful barn which was then followed by a bonfire outside with family and friends. I am giving John’s Mother full credit for creating the perfect mood with her extraordinary s’more bar idea! Seriously, have you EVER seen anything more beautiful?! She even made homemade marshmallows! The table was stocked full with chocolate bars including my favorite Reese’s CUPS! I literally felt like I was inside a dream world. ......"
Image by Heidi Benjamin Photography

Autumn fields in color at Full Moon resort

Cristalle & Chris's Wedding - October 2011
"We got married at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. It was a beautiful and crisp Fall day and we had the best time! If you are planning to get married in anywhere near the Catskills, I highly recommend checking out Full Moon! The food was DELICIOUS, the resort is gorgeous and their staff are so organized, considerate and really professional."
View the wedding images on Flickr.com

Catskill Mountain Wedding -mountain & field

Andrea & Justin's Wedding - September 2011
"... every now and then one couple stands out and touches your heart in a way that lifts your spirit. Andrea and Justin are one of those couples. We spent the entire day laughing, smiling and just having an all out blast."
Read more and view images by J Castro Photography

Full Moon Resort-walking in field

Cynthia & Eben's Wedding - July 2011
" Eben and Cynthia’s wedding... was at one of our favorite places in the Catskills, The Full Moon Resort. You can never go wrong with the gorgeous landscape of New York State. Eben and Cynthia’s story was an epic love story which took them 20 years....."
Read more and view the presentation by Love Me Do Photography
Also, see the images at Flickr.com

Catskill Mountain Wedding -wedding gown

Emily & Matt's Wedding - July 2011
"One great thing about getting married at Full Moon is guests have the opportunity to reserve the entire place – cabins, music venue, bonfire, fresh water pool, grounds, etc – for a whole weekend, if they like. The day before the wedding, Emily saw this short bus driving by. She flagged it down & hired the driver to take her and her bridesmaids to the ceremony site. Quite an entrance."
View complete presentation by Jennifer May Photography

Wedding at Full Moon Resort-evening main house

Casey & Justin's Wedding - July 2011
"[I'’d] been looking forward to Casey and Justin’s wedding at Full Moon, in the Catskill Mountains. It was everything I expected: stunning, relaxed and utterly joyful. The bride has a gift for finding four-leaf clovers, and found one without even looking right before walking down the aisle. That about sums it up. Congrats Casey and Justin – it was such a pleasure to be part of your day."
=Image by Liz V Photography

Kerry & Josh's Wedding - July 2011
"Full Moon always delivers beautiful brides and a great location to shoot in. This was absolutely no exception. Kerry was pure joy, and Josh has the sense of humor to match...."

Catskill Wedding -flowers and bride

Kasey & Evan's Wedding - June 2011

View the photoset on Facebook

couple by the pond-Catskill Mountain Wedding

Lesley & Andrew's Wedding - June 2011
"Andrew and Leslie ... tied the knot on a beautiful summer day in the Catskill mountains... Full Moon Resort, with its 100 acres of fields, meadows, forests and streams, provided the perfect setting for a perfect day.... Andrew and Leslie, surrounded by a number of close friends... and family, celebrated the whole weekend long."
Nathan Gehman Photography

couple by the pond-Catskill Mountain Wedding

Emily & Bradd's Wedding - June 2011
"...Finally, the day came and, as I was driving up to Full Moon, it started to rain. But by the time I got there, it had stopped, and the sky was giving way to those thick clouds that cast a bright, even light over everything. When I went in to say hello to Emily, she said, “We’re going for it!” And we were all so glad because the ceremony in the Upper Grove was so beautiful......"
Read more and view the presentation by Hilary Havey Photography
Or view more images also on Facebook

 flowers-Catskill Mountain Wedding

Andrea & Bruce's Wedding - June 2011
"Last Sunday we had the pleasure of making the flowers and cake for Andrea and Bruce's wedding at the beautiful Full Moon Resort in upstate New York. The bride and groom wanted a wildflower, freshly picked from nature looked (which we love!), and worked perfectly with the outdoor ceremony and the amazing barn that the reception was in....."
Read more and view the complete presentation by Tashi Bobo- Small Event Design
Also view the layout at BruceBGordon.com

Amber & Jacob's Wedding - June 2011
"A year ago, Amber & Jake not only asked me to attend their beautiful wedding weekend, but to photograph it. I was honored. I will have to admit, during the ceremony I had to keep telling myself "there is no crying in photography" when I started to feel the tears well up."
Read more and view the video slideshow by Kate Decoste Photography

walk in the field-Catskill Mountain Wedding

Sara & David's Wedding - May 2011

View photos by Jean Kallina Photography

trees group image-Catskill Mountain Wedding gifts table-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Dara & Jesse's Wedding - May 2011
"Dara and Jesse’s country wedding at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY was incredibly cute. The combination of design simplicity and casual elegance jived well with the mountainside setting. And the two lovebirds had such genuine smiles the whole time, I bet their faces hurt at the end of the day!...."
Read more and view the complete presentation by The Lovely Lens

"What happens when it rains for your outside wedding? You take it inside. ‘'Nuff said right? Is your day ruined? Hell to the no. Just check out this super chic, yet rustic wedding that took place in May ... in Big Indian, New York."
Check out the article and interview on The Thirty-Something Bride.com

kiss in the snow-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Silke & Ryan's Wedding - February 2011

View photographs by Daniel Krieger Photography

barn wedding-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Kate & Dmitri's Wedding - November 2010

View the video by Jeremy X Halpern

bride and groom fashion-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Sherry & Matt's Wedding - October 2010

View the complete presentation by Ieva Sireikyte Photography

couple dancing-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Patricia & Jesse's Wedding - October 2010
"....they gathered friends and families from four continents at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, N.Y. With the sun settling behind the crest of the nearest Catskill hilltop, Mr. Phillips took his place beside Rev. Keith Fiveson, an interfaith minister..... As Ms. Sexton emerged from a forest path in an ivory backless ball gown, the pretend Snow White truly resembled a fairy tale princess. That is, until she lifted her skirt to give her 103 guests a peek at red-sequined sneakers....."
Read more and view the complete presentation on The New York Times Fashion Section

vibrant florals-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Michele & Brian's Wedding - October 2010
" A soft, breezy, and beautiful autumn afternoon wedding on the grounds of the Full Moon Resort. "
View complete presentation by Tiffany Arment Photography

mountain & pond image-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Lisette & Ryan's Wedding - October 2010
" Lisette and Ryan are a highly artistic, unique pair of Brooklynites - she's a writer and editor, and he's a filmmaker and carpenter. Their wedding was definitely done with the philosophy of "it takes a village" - with a bridal party of 24 friends, they didn't have to look far for help! "Everyone had a job," Lisette says. "Don't hesitate to give people jobs!" The bride did her own make-up while one of her super-talented bridesmaids handled her hair...." View the photoset or slideshow on Flicker
(Also on Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog)

kiss-Catskill Mountain Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Nicole & Darwin's Wedding - October 2010
"This recap only hints at the toasts and ceremony audio and the reactions the words shared pulled from the crowd. As always, I can't wait to share the full length version...."

Sammy & Matt's Wedding - September 2010
"Here's the deal... weddings are both hard and easy to shoot. On the one hand, you only have one shot at everything. On the other hand, everyone looks beautiful and in that way, they make it pretty easy to nail a stunning shot.... Full Moon is a glorious place to shoot. Enough said..."


Lucy & Joe's Wedding - September 2010
" Lucy and Joe are a perfect fit. I suspected this immediately when I initially encountered them together for their "FIRST LOOK" and it became more and more evident as the day went on. Lucy's Yin curls up to Joe's Yang. Her moon softens his sun. Their ceremony was performed by Lucy's brother, Gordon, and it was tranquil, yet at the same time powerful. You got the sense that one cannot exist without the other, while each remain strong in their own right...."
Read more and view images by Therese Beth Photography

Lindsay & Chris's Wedding - August 2010
"I am SO glad I am not alone in my love for stripes. If you put stripes on a skirt, purse, wall, or really any inanimate object I am automatically smitten. This lovely bride, with fabulous taste I might add, has the same affinity for all things striped and decided to make it a central design theme for their wedding......"
Read more and view the full presentation on StyleMePretty.com

Amy & Adam's Wedding - August 2010
"Really, from the beginning we weren't sure what type/size wedding we wanted to have, but when we realized it was going to be on the larger more expensive side, we felt it conflicted with our values to have so much consumption and waste for a single party. So we decided that if we were going to be spending all that money, we at least wanted it to go to support things and people that we believed in, which to us meant being a good local business who supports their community and respects the earth. It was one of the main reasons we picked Full Moon....."
Read more and view the full presentation by Jeff Tisman Photography
Also, see more videos of Amy & Adam on Beautiful Memories Video BlogSpot

Rachel & Darren's Wedding - August 2010
Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography

Eve & Josh's Wedding - July 2010
"Everyone had such an amazing time at this wedding….from hysterically funny speeches to musical performances, and short films (this was a seriously talented group of people). There was a bbq rehearsal dinner, a gorgeous ceremony, and after parties every night. And all this before the really fabulous wedding reception........"
Read more and view the presentation by Daniel Krieger Photography

Liz & Paul's Wedding - July 2010
" Liz and Paul’s wedding was at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills over the fourth of July weekend. They live in Missouri, but wanted a place where they could celebrate all weekend with family and friends, and Full Moon had it all: a beautiful setting, with great food, and comfortable rooms. Their wedding was classy with lots of little vintage touches......"
Read more and view the complete presentation by LoveMeDo Photography

Melanie & Jerry's Wedding - July 2010
"We got married in the Catskill Mountains over a 3-day getaway, kidnapping our guests so they could join us in the world of our own we created at Full Moon Resort. Our wedding festivities started with a very mellow casual 4th of July BBQ, one of our favorite holidays."

Julie & Christian's Wedding - July 2010
"This family wedding weekend at the Full Moon Resort in New York was adorned with sprays of wildflowers, antique garden tools, and a father's vintage bottle collection. After the ceremony, the adventurous couple wanted to kick off their shoes for a refreshing walk in the brook that runs through the property."
Images by Tiffany Arment Photography

Jennifer & Patrick's Wedding - July 2010
"Patrick and Jennifer were married at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills in July. Prior to the wedding they spent months creating personal touches for the day: they hand-painted signs, found antique cake & pie platters, and they even had a signature drink. There was much beauty in the details."
Read more and view the complete presentation by Jennifer May Photography


Adrienne & Sandy's Wedding - June 2010
" The ceremony was about as perfect as it gets being back in the woods next to a little stream with Adrienne and Sandy’s closest friends and family. This was followed by cocktails on the lawn, a dinner reception in the tent, and then to “The Party Barn” for dancing with a really great rock-a-billy band Adrienne and Sandy found in New York City...."
Read more and view the full presentation by Ryan Trupp Photography
Or view the feature on Emmaline Bride

Georgia & Devon's Wedding - May 2010

View presentation by Ryan Jensen Photography

Dara & Alan's Wedding - May 2010

View presentation by Jean Kallina Photography

Winter Wedding outdoor view of Valley View House at Night

Helen & Paul's Wedding - January 2010

View slideshow on You Tube.com


Cathrin & James' Wedding - September 2009
"So I wanted to finish my post about our 3 day weekend we shot in the Catskills. The whole weekend was held one location, which made it really nice for all the family & friends that decided to stay up. The event took place the Full Moon Resort, in Big Indian. On Friday guests arrived & greeted one another, getting better acquainted before the big day. The day ended with dinner in the nearby barn followed by dancing & a bonfire. On Saturday, the day started with yoga followed by a large buffet breakfast....."
Read more and view the full presentation by Turnquist Photography

Amanda & Jeremy's Wedding - September 2009
"Jeremy and Amanda are amazing. Seriously,... They embrace life and it just seems to spill over when you are near. They got married in the Catskills at the Full Moon Resort. It was three days of fun, family, and celebration..."
Watch the video by Couture Motion
Or view the photos Gulnara Studio

And also, a slideshow at Gulnara

Lovisa & Christopher's Wedding - August 2009
"Stories about a couple who discover, then lose, and who ultimately find one another again are told only in books and on movie screens, right? Wrong. That’s exactly the way the story goes for Lovisa & Christopher, a wonderfully warm and sincere twosome who have found the deeper meaning of a love cultivated over years of time. You can see how perfectly matched they are for one another by the way they laugh, hold one another, and care for their families....."
Read more and view the full presentation by Ulysses Photography

Sarah & Dominick's Wedding - July 2009
"The bride designed and printed the invitations for the wedding. The inspiration behind the stationery suite was silver age comic books. Dominick grew up liking a few characters, and Sarah loves "the exuberant art, simple newsprint paper, and their old-school printing style....Solitary dahlias and mums in minimalist modern vases made for elegant centerpieces, while silver Mylar heart balloons tied to chairs raised spirits...
Read more and view slideshow on Martha Stewart Real Weddings

Libby & Eric's Wedding - July 2009
"...as you can see, the dancing went late into the night, starting at the reception tent and moving into what Full Moon Resort calls their “Party Barn” but seems to be a full-on bar and dance hall. DJ friends rock. I’ve never heard such great music at a wedding....." "Full Moon Resort is an extraordinary place to have a wedding. I just can’t say it enough. It’s a little off the beaten path but worth the drive (which is stunning in its own right!)."
Read more and view image by Ryan Jensen Photography


Heather & Bryan's Wedding - June 2009
"Back in June I photographed Heather and Bryan’s wedding in the Catskills! They wanted a country rustic affair and Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY provided just that. We ended up with some rain on the day of and unfortunately right before their ceremony was to take place. We stayed in doors as much as possible to keep from the weather, but still had a wonderful time shooting for Heather and Bryan! Here are my favs from the day!"
View the presentation by Creative Image Collections

Claire & Seth's Wedding - June 2009
"Photographing Seth and Claire’s wedding at Full Moon Resort in the Catskills was amazing. It was a beautiful summer afternoon for their outdoor wedding, and the summer light cast a wonderful glow over the happy couple. I loved the reception held next to a gorgeous, renovated green barn – it made for a relaxed setting while still adding charm and country style to a wonderful occasion."
Read more and view images by Kristen Foley Phototgraphy

May & Matt's Wedding - May 2009
"May and Matthew Love allowed me to tag along during their wedding day so that I might get a shot or two at Full Moon in the Catskills. It poured. The spirits of the bride and groom, combined with gorgeous grounds yielded some beautiful shots that not even torrential downpour could bring down...."


Catherine & Chris's Wedding - November 2008
"The ceremony in the barn was rustically lovely and warm. After the ceremony, we did some group formals outside by the creek.... The wedding reception was a lot of fun with lots of dancing. Afterward, everyone moved over to the resort’s Performance Space for some spirited karaoke...."
Read more and view images by Michael Grace-Martin Photography

Dory & Jon's Wedding - October 2008
"What do you get when you mix together the autumn-leaved Catskill Mountains, a sunny day, singing and laughter? Dory and Jon’s wedding! Dory & Jon met through eHarmony, and they are just so obviously RIGHT for one another...."
Read more and explore images by Ulysses Photography


Courtney & Erik's Wedding - September 2008
"Courtney and Erik arrived at the Full Moon Resort in a vintage yellow Volkswagon bug. The weather had cleared, allowing guests to mingle on the front lawn.... The tent was decorated simply with cranberry trim and ribbon, candles at each table, allowing the surrounding natural beauty of the Catskills center stage. Black and white wedding photos of Courtney and Erik’s parents and grandparents adorned the gift table, setting a tone of family love and fun that is so much a part of who the couple is...."

View a huge selection of images by friends and family

Olia & Yury's Wedding - July 2008
"We shot the whole weekend in the lovely and amazing Catskills mountains at the Full Moon resort. From a backyard bbq to kick ball followed by a water balloon toss this was one of the most fun and not to mention touching weddings ever!"
LoveFest '08 image


Laura & Roger's Wedding - June 2008
See the feature wedding image on The Chronogram Magazine