March 2017 Events Calendar

This calendar is a listing of special events, activities and workshops at Full Moon Catskill Resort and at neighboring area venues.

Special Note to Winter of 2016-2017 Guests and Clients: If you have a group of 25 or more persons, please contact Full Moon Resort at (845) 254-5117 to discuss café dining and other available services. The facility will be open at all times for groups.

2017-> MAR   APR   MAY  

Weekend of
March 3-4

Brill - Phipps Wedding

Weekend of
March 10-11

Johnson - Harris Wedding

Thurs. - Sunday
15 - 18

Master Session 2017
A Drumcamp with Benny Greb

Benny Greb image The Master Sessions are Drumcamps focused entirely on musicianship, extending the story Masterdrummer and Educator Benny Greb began with his groundbreaking DVD "The Language Of Drumming" .

Benny Greb guides a limited number of students through several intense days filled with great lessons and exercises designed to bridge the gap between "drumming and musicianship". Pertinent information needed to make you a better musician and drummer is delivered and experienced through the focused, intensive sessions.

Visit the Master Session website for more information and pricing/registration details.

Weekend of
March 24-25

Campbell - Gately Wedding

Weekend of
March 31 -
April 1

Queens College Retreat

2017-> MAR   APR   MAY